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CoQ10-NADH combo cuts fatigue in CFS

A Spanish study has found that supplementation with CoQ10 and NADH signficantly improved fatigue in a trial involving 73 chronic fatigue syndrome patients.

The team, led by Dr Jesus Castro-Marrero, also found that ATP and citrate synthase were significantly higher, while lipoperoxides were significantly lower.

A larger trial would be needed to confirm the findings.

Does oral Coenzyme Q10 plus NADH supplementation improve fatigue and biochemical parameters in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

By Dr. Jesus Castro-Marrero et al.


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a chronic and extremely debilitating illness characterized by prolonged fatigue and multiple symptoms with unknown cause, diagnostic test, or universally effective treatment.

Inflammation, oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, and CoQ10 deficiency have been well documented in CFS. We conducted an 8-weeks randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial to evaluate the benefits of oral CoQ10 (200 mg/day) plus NADH (20 mg/day) supplementation on fatigue and biochemical parameters in 73 Spanish CFS patients. This study was registered in

A significant improvement of fatigue showing a reduction in FIS total score (p< 0.05) was reported in treated group vs. placebo. In addition, a recovery of the biochemical parameters was also reported. NAD+/NADH (p< 0.001), CoQ10 (p< 0.05), ATP (p< 0.05) and citrate synthase (p< 0.05) were significantly higher and lipoperoxides (p< 0.05) were significantly lower in blood mononuclear cells (BMCs) of the treated group.

These observations lead to the hypothesis that the oral CoQ10 plus NADH supplementation could confer potential therapeutic benefits on fatigue and biochemical parameters in CFS. Larger sample trials are warranted to confirm these findings.

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Further Reading

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